IT leaders are responsible not just for backups but rather for keeping their districts running so teaching, learning, and operations continue - whether remote or on-site. Can you achieve a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in minutes and not hours or days for SaaS and local servers? Are you keeping up with the trend of moving from "Backup" to "Business Continuity?" Is your district moving from data center focused to Hybrid and Cloud? The foundation for Digital Transformation is  Business Continuity.

Business Continuity:

Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Join Tech Reformers' John Krull and Desraie Thomas from Datto 
for a webinar for K-12 Technology Leaders 

Tuesday March 30 @ 1:30pm PDT

You will learn:

    • Latest risks to Business Continuity affecting school districts
    • How to keep SaaS and servers nearly always available
    • How to protect against data loss with immutable and virtualized backups
    • How to build confidence with your stakeholders that you are leading Digital Transformation



John Krull

Tech Reformers, LLC

Des Thomas

Desraie Thomas

Datto, Inc